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The Thinking Atheist and AronRa: Is Evolution a Fact?

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The Thinking Atheist and AronRa: Is Evolution a Fact?
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Post The Thinking Atheist and AronRa: Is Evolution a Fact?

I'm currently watching this video, I'm only five minutes in and for the first time in a very long time, probably ever, I'm a little disappointed in what Aron is saying. As always, everything is brilliantly articulated and true, but in the first five minutes at least he's missing out on a few great things to say. Maybe it has been edited, maybe Aron didn't get enough time to say everything he wanted to, but here are my thoughts on the topic.

The question is "How do you respond to the question "but evolution is only a theory" and "science always changes, you can never know for certain"."

Now again, everything Aron says is true, namely that creationists project their faults onto others and that their position is built on shifting sand, but that doesn't challenge the question of "science always changes, you can never know for certain", which in my opinion is the more important question of the two.

A possible answer could have been a summary of c0nc0rdance's The relativity of wrong, in my opinion one of the most important videos on YouTube.
To keep improving one's view, and TTA touches on that, is a virtue, not a vice.

I'm now at 25min, not even close to being done, and I'll hopefully get to the rest on Friday. I'll make Aron aware of this thread so that if he feels the need, he can respond.
You know Aron, you should really do a "stories of my life" video. It'd be hours long, but we had so much fun discussing women in Dublin, I'm sure others would like it. ;)
"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:36 pm
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Post Re: The Thinking Atheist and AronRa: Is Evolution a Fact?

Computer science is also a theory, yet we use the machines all the time, every day. It hits a bit harder today than using the gravity approach though that is also valid. How to respond is basically saying that science itself is proof that evolution works, it's survival of the fittest, and why everything is called a theory. Every single scientist wants to prove another scientist wrong, it's like stealing your thunder.

Say you come up with the theory of something, you test it, prove it's sound and based on facts and logical conclusions. You can use that to progress society as it is, but you missed something. So when something goes wrong with a device or method based on that theory happens someone else comes in and shows what you forgot to include. This explains that problem, and the one to point out your mistakes gets all the glory for your discovery and the glory for their discovery. So you want to find something wrong or a forgotten bit in any other theory and prove it enough that no one can doubt it, it's more glory than you would get for just starting the advancement.

Evolution has just never been proven wrong, it has just been expanding and being refined. Finding a fossil that fits between two species would refine and expand it, so it's always growing. That's what a theory in science is, and why everything is called a theory. In the computer example, Intel has refined the CPU almost to atomic levels, their goal is to have single electron gates, each step does not invalidate the theory of digital science, it just fine tunes it, refines it.

I'm not sure how to phrase that in a shorter way, I also use "layman's" wording, "glory" for example.
Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:24 pm
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