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Another YouTube Channel Terminated ...

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Another YouTube Channel Terminated ...
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Post Another YouTube Channel Terminated ...

I just thought I'd drop in to give notice about this. A YouTube user who's videos I kinda liked called "Morrakiu" is now gone. Apparently, he was DMCA'd maliciously several times by some member of an obscure Church group in America called Tim Todd, for reading his comics/commentating on them.

This is the video he posted just a few hours ago on his newly created channel, explaining what happened, and what he plans to do (if anything):

I'm guessing many of you will never have heard of him, but he DID have like ... seven or eight thousand subscribers, and now his account has been terminated. So I felt I should probably get the word out on this. :)

His old channel (now gone): http://www.YouTube.com/user/Morrakiu
His new channel (using his internet-pseudonym): http://www.YouTube.com/user/MarkOvdabeest

What's more, according to what he said in the video, this was like ... 3 years ago when he was reading Tim Todd's stuff. So there's not much that can be done now other than to get people to spread the word on this. He was also apparently shouted out by Coughlan000. Thanks, :)

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