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Midweek madness - 11.09.2013

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Midweek madness - 11.09.2013
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Post Midweek madness - 11.09.2013

Roughly two weeks ago, the Contributors decided that Aught3's Monday links should be revived, though we decided on Wednesday. Hopefully, we can continue this format.

We decided on the following format: 5-8 links, depending on the week. One photo of the week, though we might just resort to pretty pictures from NatGeo or something. Also, one video for maximum viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Best and Brightest: The Economist reviews a book that seems to be an excellent guide to US education

Meanwhile in the UK, Faith schools continue to discriminate with their admission policies.

We applaud the efforts of some counties in New Mexico to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses!


The Ladies and Gentlemen over at Arstechnica inform us that New Zealand has banned software patents.

Microsoft and Google are to sue the US government to win the right to reveal more information about official requests for user data. I'm not sure I'll like that.

A march in Mexico City aims to stop President Nieto from allowing companies to exploit Mexico's natural resources.

Overshoot Day: Livescience reminds us that we're living beyond our means. Find out what OsD is!

What has NASA done for us lately? Quite a bit, actually!

And finally, we have a release date for Jurassic Park 4!
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Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:54 pm
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