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IDEA: A Reasonable Scientific Journal

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IDEA: A Reasonable Scientific Journal
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Post IDEA: A Reasonable Scientific Journal

Wouldn't it be fun if we had our own academic, open-sourced journal that had a system where users could collaborate, fact-and-proof-check submitted papers based on our collaborative expertise over the years, and publish research of note?

We could even perhaps branch out and ask for collaborative effort to work on reviewing and publishing their own papers of well-researched and critiqued material. Open source. For all to see. Controlled by a few volunteers who want to network within their expertise to help the amateurs and pros network clean and solid variation on papers and research to publish a decently-gradient journal of material.

We could control the topics, pick good ones, and use the network of people we have available with various degrees work and collaborate to publish research open-source.

We have the networks to collaborate and make it happen.
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