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A three minute video

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A three minute video
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psikhrangkurPosts: 161Joined: Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:30 pm Gender: Pinecone

Post A three minute video

This is a breakdown of a three minute video posted by a user E;R. The link below brings you to a backup channel called PUNISHE;R.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Jw9u ... dxAGgcIdrw

While this video was originally on their main channel, it has since been removed for violating Youtube's hate speech policy.
Whereas the original video was titled "Pearl Lies Shamelessly to Steven", the reupload is titled "Pearl Continues Lying Shamelessly".
The thumbnail depicts the character Pearl, with a comically large nose more than twice the length it actually is in scene.
Run time of video is 2:55. Both videos were posted over two years ago, the reupload having occurred on 11/25/2016.

This video is composed primarily of clips from a cartoon called "Steven Universe". "Steven Universe" is a story that takes place in a fantasy setting that involves two races: humans, and gems. Gems are sentient beings borne of crystals that hail from a far away planet.

0:00 - 0:21 The video opens with two characters: Steven, and Pearl. Steven is the titular character of the series, a young boy whose mother was a gem. Pearl is a gem that worked for Steven's mother. Steven is on the couch, looking at a friend's blog, concerned that he might have upset his friend. Pearl enters scene and begins to talk to Steven. Dialogue is as follows:

Pearl: "What's wrong, Steven?"

Steven: "I think I broke Renaldo's heart."

Pearl: "Oh, Steven. Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they're a part of something bigger. They want to blame all the world's problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone's control."

0:22 Hard cut to black. Offenbach's Infernal Galop begins to play.

0:23 - 0:34 Three characters in scene: a gem named Garnet on left, Steven in Center, Pearl on right, a centipede monster held tightly by Pearl. Garnet is also a gem that worked for Steven's mother. All three characters are standing. Garnet and Pearl look down at Steven, while Steven looks at and talks to Pearl. Dialogue is as follows:

Steven: "Ooh! Can I come? Can I? Can I?"

Pearl: "Steven, until you learn to control the powers in your gem, we'll take care of protecting humanity. Okay?"

Steven: "Aww, man."

0:33 - 0:34 Pearl has just declared that they'll protect humanity. Text appears covering the screen which reads: From what?

0:34 - 0:39 Scenes of Pearl and Garnet fighting centipedes. Cut to black.

0:40 - 0:45 Fighting scenes continue. An unseen object explodes in the sky.

0:46 - 0:51 Close up of Pearl from previous scene is superimposed onto montage as said montage continues to play. The following dialogue is repeated: "All the world's problems on some single enemy they can fight"

0:51 - 1:13 Montage continues. Centipede monsters are no longer scene, all characters shown are vaguely human.

1:14 - 1:30 Montage continues. A spaceship shaped like a human hand plummets to Earth, and explodes.

1:30 - 1:40 Montage of Steven Universe scenes comes to a halt. New montage begins, showing pictures of real people, including names and comments. Names and comments are as follows:

Larry Page - Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Google
Sergey Brin - Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Google
Susan Wojcicki - CEO of Youtube
Philippe Dauman - President, CEO, and Chairman of Viacom
Summer Redstone - Owner and Chairman of Viacom, CBS Corp
Leslie Moonves - President and CEO of CBS Corp
David Rhodes - President of CBS News
Ben Rhodes - White House National Security Advisor
Ben Sherwood - Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks President of Disney-ABC Television Group
Elizabeth Sherwood - Obama Special Adviser
Betty Cohen - Founder of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim
Thomas Ascheim - President of ABC Family
Jeff Zucker - President of CNN, Previously NBCUniversal
Michele Ganeless - President of Comedy Central
Brian L. Roberts - President, CEO, Owner, and Chairman of Comcast Corp
David Zaslav - President and CEO of Discovery Communications
Steven Spielberg, Jefferey Katzenberg, and David Geffen, Founders of Dreamworks Pictures
Mark Zuckerberg - CEO, Founder, and Chairman of Facebook
Nick Denton - Founder and Owner of Gawker (currently at 1:34, a small note appears below reading "Who's owned by Hulk Hogan now", Hulk Hogan rises from below frame into scene)
Richard Plepler - CEO and Chairman of HBO
Kary Antholis - Co-President of HBO
Steven R. Swartz - President and CEO of Hearst Corp
Brian Grazer - Co-Founder, Co-Owner, and Co-Chairman of Imagine Entertainment
Edgar Bronfman Jr. - Principal Holder of Time-Warner Corp
David Levy - President of Turner Broadcasting (CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim)
Gary Barber - CEO and Chairman of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Jonathan Glickman - President of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Stephen Friedman - President of MTV
Gerald Levin - CEO of AOL Time Warner
Michael Eisner - Walt Disney's Worst Nightmare
Robert Iger - CEO and Chairman of Walt Disney Company
Andrew Millstein - President of Walt Disney Animation Studios
Ronald Meyer- Vice Chairman of NBCUniversal
Brad Grey - CEO and Chairman of Paramount Pictures
Michael Lynton - CEO and Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment
Larry Kurzweil - President and CEO of Universal Studios
Larry Kramer - President of USA Today
Donald E. Graham - Ex-CEO and Chairman of The Washington Post
Patricia Fili-Krushel - Vice Chairman of the Public Theater of New York
Harvey Weinstein - CEO of Miramax Films
Michael P. Green - Chairman of ITV PLC
Virginia Moseley - Vice President and Deputy Washington Bureau Chief of CNN
Mortimer Zuckerman - Owner of the New York Daily News and U.S. News and World Report
Harry E. Sloan - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Global Eagle Acquisition Corp
Peter Chernin - Founder and Chairman of the Chernin Group Ex-President of Fox News
Rupert Murdoch? - Don't hold me to this one

1:40 Montage interrupted to show an unlabeled pie chart, with text overlayed which reads: >2% of the worlds population controls 96% of the world's media (I'm assuming that's meant to read <2%).

1:40 - 2:01 Montage continues as follows:

J.J. Abrams - Director
Woody Allen - Director
Joel Coen - Director
Sidney Lumet - Director
Carl Reiner - Director
Stanley Kubrick - Actually Good Director
David Cronenberg - Director
Charlie Chaplin (But Probably Not) - Director and Actor (currently at 1:42, picture used is taken from Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator)
Roman Polanski - Manlet Rapist
Sam Raimi - Spiderman Man
Darren Aronofsky - Black Swan is kinda awful
Steven Moffat - Sympathizer, Idiot
Mel Brooks - Goddamn, he's still alive?
Barry Sonnenfeld - But I adore Men in Black
Charlie Kaufman - Writer
Matthew Weiner - Mad Soprano
Norman Lear - Writer and Founder of People for the American Way
Andy Samberg - Ejaculated heartily into his pantaloons
Sacha Baron Cohen - Very nice
James Franco - Amputee
Sean Penn - Angriest bird
Matthew Broderick - Adorable
Zach Braff - Scrub
Thomas Friedman - Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist
Paul Rubenfeld - Pee-wee McGee
Ben Affleck - Honorary Suicide Bomber
Jack Black - Fat Nicolas Cage
Jesse Eisenberg - CEO, Founder, and Chairman of Facebook
Andrew Gartfield - The Not-So-Amazing Spiderman
Billy Crystal - Otherwise known as Micahel Wazowksi
Barbara Streisand - Ugly Duckling
Harrison Ford?!?!?! - WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Carrie Fisher - This is some shocking shit
Paul Newman - Jesus, talk about a diamond in the rough
Daniel Day Lewis - Honestly, Abe...
Jonah Hill - Pussy Slayer
Kat Dennings - Breasts
Seth Rogen - Human Bong
Adam Sandler - Cancer with arms and legs
Ben Stiller - Actor for ants
Jerry Seinfeld
Larry David - He's alright
Jason Alexander - Poker Player
Jonathan Stewart Leibowitz - Glorified Pseudo-Newscaster
Stanley Martin Lieber - That's right, even your comics
Natalie Portman - Glorified Actress
Copious Mascara - starring Mila Kunis
Seth Green - Dr. Evil Jr.
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy the Vamp Slayer was a bad show
Sarah Jessica Parker - Hee-haw
Jason Segel - Did they ever meet the mother?
Alyson Hannigan - It's her, isn't it
Josh Radnor - Holy crap, more of them than in Seinfeld
Paul Rudd - Ben Affleck
Maury Povich - Of course he is
Jerry Springer - Of fucking course he is
Gerald Rivera - This one surprised me
Larry King - Progenitor
Elizabeth Taylor - Convert
Marilyn Monroe - Convert
Gwyneth Paltrow - Super Convert
Scarlett Johansson - Black Widow's a slut. There, I said it
Adele Dazeem - Otherwise known as Idina Menzel
Winona Ryder - Shoplifter
Jennifer Connelly - "Jareth" repeatedly
Chelsea Handler - This explains a lot
Amy Schumer - Ha
Joan Rivers - A piece of work
Dianna Agron - Well done
Sarah Silverman - Figuratively Hitler
Isla Fisher - Convert
Bette Midler - Bathhouse Betty
Lena Dunham - Pedophile Rapist
Rebecca Sugar - Creator of Steven Universe

2:01 - 2:14 We pan out from the word gems in bold, intermittently cutting to a previous snapshot of Pearl. At 2:09, the snapshot of Pearl goes black and white, with Pearl's eyes lighting up red while she drools blood. In the end we now see the message in its entirety, which reads as follows: CUT THE (((GEMS)))

2:14 - 2:17 We see Pearl being spun around in the air by Garnet as she laughs. We repeatedly pan in towards her head as she laughs. Screen cuts to black. Infernal Galop ends.

2:20 A new song begins playing: "Nothing Happened in this World", composed for a different show called Little Busters.

2:22 Text fades in, reading as follows: We're running out of time.

2:27 - 2:29 Cut to a scene from Steven Universe, then fades to black. New text reads as follows: The invasion was never called off.

2:31 - 2:36 New text fades in, reading as follows: It continues from within. First scene depicted in the video slowly fades into and then out of view. Text fades out.

2:37 - 2:44 New text fades in, reading as follows: Gems are, without a doubt, the single greatest threat to humanity's continued survival. A new scene from Steven Universe fades in, showing a large computer which depicts a map of the Earth.

2:44 - 2:51 Scene fades out as new text fades in, reading as follows: We must secure our existence and a future for human children. Text then fades, to be replaced with new text which reads as follows: Or perish.

2:51 - 2:55 Previous song ends. Cut to a new scene from Steven Universe. Pearl is standing at a chalkboard, giving a lecture to two characters. Dialogue is as follows:

Pearl: "Of course not. That would be ridiculous."

2:55 Musical sting. Zoom in on Pearl's face. Pearl's eyes light up red.

Well, that's the video in its entirety. I glossed over most of the characters and actual action scenes depicted, as I thought it wasn't important to describe them in detail. One last thing I would like to add: The symbol "((()))" is commonly referred to as echoes, and is attributed to Mike Enoch, founder of The Right Stuff blog and The Daily Shoah podcast. It's a means of dog-whistling to other white supremacists by referencing 'The Jewish Question'.

The main reason I decided to do this is because the creator of this video, E;R, was recently promoted by the youtuber Pewdiepie, who as of this writing as a following of 77,185,671.
Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:23 pm
SparhafocPosts: 2662Joined: Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:48 am

Post Re: A three minute video

So this is all an anti-semitic rant?

Boggles the mind what lengths people will go to when fiddling with their prejudices in public.
"a reprehensible human being"
Beliefs are, by definition, things we don't know to be true.
Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:17 pm
psikhrangkurPosts: 161Joined: Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:30 pm Gender: Pinecone

Post Re: A three minute video

Yeah, that's basically all the video is. I just find it interesting because it's got me thinking about the potential to espouse propaganda through the use of comedy.
Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:17 am
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