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Anyone want to join me for starmade?

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Anyone want to join me for starmade?
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AcanthastreaPosts: 1Joined: Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:35 am Gender: Pinecone

Post Anyone want to join me for starmade?

its been awhile since i`ve been here, but i was curious if anyone is still lurking around.

would anyone be interested in joining me in an effort to build a Starmade server?
Starmade is a sandbox game similar to Minecraft but takes place in space.

it places a emphasis on space battles and designing your own spaceships that may range from a tiny probe to an enormous
planet destroying monstrosity. rather than Biomes, the game has Dodecahedron planets that have their own gravity, day/night cycles and
orbit subs which in turn form a part of a galaxy. Their are black holes and hyperspace gates, derelict space stations and dangerous
AI controlled space pirates in the game. How you survive depends upon how good you are at designing your spaceships as much as
dog fighting or broad siding.

currently this game costs nothing for you to run but
Some people will have difficult running this game, experiencing low FPS, especially on lower end machines when you are viewing
huge ships or planetary bodies.

Here are some examples of ships i have built.
these are fully functional and have their own hyperdrives, weapon systems and crew compartments. THE WORKS!
And Rail systems and logic gates are now implemented, this means turbolifts, trams, moving parts and complex robotics are all now possible
in this game
Image Image Image
Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:45 am
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