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Poem thingy

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Poem thingy
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Post Poem thingy

Two in the morning,wrote a poem a week or so ago,figured I'd post it here for shits and giggles.

Poem about a guy on YouTube who reads creepypasta stories,his avatar looks like this:


Comments,suggestions,visceral personal insults,whatever,say it.

Man born of countless untold nightmare, dead, but as alive as any man, blue flesh and blackened eyes, blind, but all seeing;

The fears of millions course through his veins, his to control with a voice spoken without a mouth;

Quiet, yet powerful enough to rob both restfulness and sanity from even the most courageous hero, powerful enough to cause all that comforts us to fall way like limbs from a leper, powerful enough to bore into our very souls, dredging out the ancestral terrors that have lurked within us all for innumerable aeons;

This harbinger of consternation, this damned being of darkness, death, and the putrescence of innocence has many names;

But we call him Mr. Creepy Pasta.
"Between your faith,and my Glock 9MM,I take my Glock."
Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:24 am
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