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"Hiding Polio behind Meningitis"? wtf?

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"Hiding Polio behind Meningitis"? wtf?
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ArdghalPosts: 2Joined: Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:33 am Gender: Male

Post "Hiding Polio behind Meningitis"? wtf?

Have any of you heard of this before?

It was brought to my attention by my future father-in-law. Apparently there's a group of people claiming that the polio vaccine didn't cause the decline in polio cases, but that the decline was caused by a redefinition of meningitis, thus there was no actual decline, just a name switch, attributing the widespread use of the vaccine to corporate greed. Their evidence is that as polio declined meningitis cases rose. I haven't done much initial research, only finding crackpot websites like http://www.whale.to/vaccine/polio1.html that support the position.

I smell bullshit, but I don't like to dismiss anything out of hand so I'm coming to you guys for some collaborative assistance. I have to go and bust my ass at a piss-poor construction job in about 9 hours (student loans in the U.S. suck ass) so I'll probably try to look into it either tomorrow night or later this week.

Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:38 am
Duvelthehobbit666User avatarPosts: 1137Joined: Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:39 pmLocation: On a pale blue dot Gender: Male

Post Re: "Hiding Polio behind Meningitis"? wtf?

my bullshit alarm is going off. Remember that correlation does not imply causation. Polio and meningitis are different diseases so I would say that this is just bullshit. Crazy conspiracy sites tend to be wrong.

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Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:22 pm
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