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Current daily pseudo-daily plays

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Current daily pseudo-daily plays
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Post Current daily pseudo-daily plays

I've mostly been playing Planetside 2. Sci-Fi FPS MMO. Pure PvP with objectives. You can roll out in a tank and spam artillary, in a fighter jet (or bigger) and dog fight or gun for artillary vehicles, or roll out on foot with your squad or outfit and go after objective points. You can switch between classes between spawns - Light Assault but need to provide heals to a MAX? Redeploy as an Engineer and start repairing the MAX Suit!

It's a lot of fun. The ability to switch between the variety of vehicles and roles makes it a lot of fun. We rolled out a "harasser squad" the other night where 9 of us went out in 3 vehicles called Harassers. Medic driving, Engineer gunning an anti-vehicle gun, and a MAX (think Fallout Power Armor) in the back with Anti-Air guns. Our biggest threat was infantry, which we could literally run over and kill.

Fun game :D

Lets see, other than that I've been playing this game AstroEmpires. It's kind of a pseudo-real-time 4X PVP game. Also lots of fun.

What about everyone else? What games have kept you occupied lately?
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Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:36 pm
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