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Neptune's Pride

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Neptune's Pride
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This is an awesome little browser-based RTS game I've come across.

You're basically in command of an empire, and you join games that can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.
The game mechanics only allow you to exchange technologies and money. All treaties, alliances and pacts are done through actually talking to each other. Betrayal, double-crossing, bluffing... the game basically requires that you do these things to win, because you can pretty much bet that everyone else will be. So sooner or later you'll end up isolated and be crushed unless you get allies to help you, or persuade a member of an attacking alliance to gut their own allies in exchange for monetary or technological assistance.

I'm in an 8-player game, in a corner of the map bordering two players, both of whom seem rather incompetent from my initial impressions (what the hell is the use in 8 fleets, each costing you money, when you only have four systems under your control?). I have a technological pact of sorts with two other players that pose no current threat to me. if possible, I intend to play my two immediate neighbours against one another, whilst requesting my ally in the centre of the map have fleets able to mount flank attacks on either of them in exchange for promised assistance from my own fleets.

I'm just going to post shots of the map every day or few days now for my own amusement and that of anyone else who might be even slightly entertained by it.
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