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A Minecraft Movie -

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A Minecraft Movie -
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Post A Minecraft Movie -

Hey there, guys.

It's been a while, but I have some awesome news and a request.

Through several plugins, map-editing, and splicing, me and my friend have managed to throw together a decent Minecraft Server with an entire city at the spawn area surrounding a castle, a huge wall encompassing it, and a smaller suburb town just outside of it. It has an arena for gladiator fights, a jousting arena, and a hidden places within the bowels of the sewers for people to explore.
The buldings are placed within reasonable proximity of one-another to trigger roof-to-roof hopping, chases down alleyways, and so on. It has working stores, easy-to-obtain currency (mobs drop loot and money, so you're not grinding like a bitch to buy things) and reasonable trade system with epic-tier items.
It has a simple RPG leveling system to buff out cheaters, and give a feeling of progression - but it doesn't require any grinding to maintain. And, as you get levels, you get unique skills you can use.

We even spawned in an asston of villiagers (which, with SpoutCraft, look reasonable)

You will have to use the SpoutCraft client to see the textures as made, and experience the full-on awesomeness of the cities - but it works like the regular Minecraft client.

So, good news:
Awesome Server to play and build in. Message me for the IP.

But, as for my request...

There's this HUGE city... With everything from an alchemy shop to General Store to a Castle to Hidden areas.

I want to make a Minecraft Movie. I already have the plot filled out with room for add-ons in later episodes if the first one pans out decently.

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