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MSS, YT, G+ and stuff,. The internet inconnectivity

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MSS, YT, G+ and stuff,. The internet inconnectivity
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Estheria QuintessimoUser avatarPosts: 67Joined: Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:36 pmLocation: EVE Space Gender: Female

Post MSS, YT, G+ and stuff,. The internet inconnectivity

(my e-mail to DPR to his YT e-mail)


YT, G+ & MSS, a loyal listener and follower

Dear and most respected DPR.

I know it is not your fault. But G+ and YT have become an utter minefield of traps of thought up stupidity by the controllers.

I think I would say this, in the name of many loyal viewers of MSS that Google/Youtube is fucking us all.

The changes to the internet these 2 combined forces of totalitarian Internet Might have made, has resulted into an utter dominion of forced-upon stupidity of illogical linking and no really needed intell provided ever.

The combined forces of these 2 major players, find themselves so powerful, they can whip it off easy by minimizing information, providing stupid web-help that is not useful to anyone,... because:
'Where is the e-mail adress to get real help from them anyway?'

Simply provide the user run-a-round help, so it appears you want to help them, and provide the sollutions on user based web-forums, so you as creator and controller do not have to bother. ... EASY MONEY!

Changes as, forcing people to use their own names (which I will never do).
Forcibly combining various previously seperated internet resources together (which I do not like),...
all in the socalled interrest and the improvement for the users (whom never asked for it),
... has become an utter disaster.

I am not a moron nor a stupid person. But it took me more then 2 months, perhaps even 3, to figure out I needed to install a seperate addon into my browser to get the full benefits from the hangout experience, MSS was into, ever since BlogTV got bought out and demolished.

It is well known to all internet-geeks,... that superior websites get bought out or go bankrupted,... not that the bigger supplier is better. BlogTV was way better then anything G+ and YT combined provides now. Money Money.

Having various YT ID's, various google accounts, from prior all the changes,.... all to disquise my true identity, these now all intermixed in a maze of something I do not understand anymore. And I have a measeured IQ of 130 and surely not a computer illiterate.

It took me 2 months to figure out the G+ Hangout was not just the webpage, but I needed to install an plugin into my mozilla, to see the video-hangout session with chat and all.

That is how dumb Google made G+ Hangout.

What is/was the bloody problem telling me I would need to do this? ... Yeah a decent help!

Needless to say the changes to YT has been no userfriendly improvement either.

Difficult to find THIS very e-mail option alone in YT since the option misplaced it to an illogical location. How do you e-mail YT users.... it is has simply been very much disguised, because YT, read Google,... prefers you to use another methods of communication,... they can make money from it (in the future)

Its got nothing to do with making things better for the users,... Its Money Money.

It seems the totalitarian internet dictators are taking over. We users have no control and just have to abide to their rule and not ever have a say in it all.

I THINK IT IS TIME, that MSS dedicated one perhaps 2 shows to the horror that has clearly become Google, G+ and YT.

For 2 months the only chat I had was the Chatango chatter on the MSS website, not monitored during shows. Even well known callers to you, like QuatumOverlord -who have been on your show several times- still use the Chatango chatter on the MSS website, because they either do not have a G+ hangout account or simply do not know how to get there.

For 2 months we saw only between 12-35 users on chatamgp during the show, because we could not get into contact with the main chat, we suspected was out there.

This really needs to change.

We all know who the bad-doers are. It is not MSS[/i]. But we need clearity on how to contact MSS online, which would be a first. Ever since BlogTV fell, its been too fuzzy.

Second I really think MSS should hold 1 or 2 shows about the horror that are the internet totalitarians like Google and Youtube combined.

Estheria Quintessimo.

I shall also post this on LOR
Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:19 am
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