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Questioning Evolution

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Questioning Evolution
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Yanis wrote:I am starting to agree much more. There is something tho in the video that is still spongeous to me, by definition mutations are a change in a nucleotide along the DNA sequence therefore changing the protein made in the translation process, I still can't see how you can get those complemantary proteins by such a mechanism. To me it kinda looks like a "Just so" story.

One problem is that you need to look into how many different types of mutations exist. With regards to protein evolution, very little of it is due to just "point mutations", that is, mutations that just change a nucleotide here or there. It is a mistake to think proteins and structures evolve by a gradual accumulation of such single nucleotide changes.

New protein structures primarily evolve by duplicating parts of or the entire protein, inside a coding region, giving rise to a fusion between different parts of other proteins. Obviously it would be extremely improbable for a new protein to evolve one nucleotide mutation at a time. But there are many other kinds of mutations. Duplications happen often, and they are not restricted to duplicating full genes, some times exons (smaller parts of the coding regions of proteins) are shuffled around and inserted into other proteins, creating new structures. That's a type of mutation too.
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