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[Music] Some bits and pieces

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[Music] Some bits and pieces
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hackenslashLime TordUser avatarPosts: 2439Joined: Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:43 pm Gender: Cake

Post [Music] Some bits and pieces

Here are a couple of pieces from one of the projects I am currently working on.


Music and lyrics by Auvrance McSchmoegler and Hackenslash

Vocals, drums and bass by Hackenslash
Keyboards and electronic percussion by Auvrance McSchmoegler
Sax by Ugu Mobius


Music by Auvrance McSchmoegler and Hackenslash
Keyboards by Auvrance McSchmoegler
Guitar, bass and drums by Hackenslash
Sax by Wim Koopman (Hornforhire)
Percussion by Darren Hambling

Apologies on this one. I slightly overcompressed it during finalising, as it was done after a long editing and mixing session. This will not be the final master, as all tracks will be mastered together, so I'm not fixing it yet. This is why there is a little fizz in it.

Hope you enjoy them.
Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:38 am
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