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I'm With You

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I'm With You
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Post I'm With You

I just heard the new Red Hot Chili Peppers single a few weeks ago, and I'm still having mixed feelings.

For one, new guitarist. From what I heard in the single (The Adventures of Raindance Maggie) he has the same kind of 'feel' as John Frusciante, but I cant make a good comparison until the album is on my mp3 player. Ive also been cranking Stadium Arcadium for a month or so in preparation for the new release (I actually heard the new song right after playing all the way through the album on a road trip), and I may have set my expectations a little high. I absolutely loved Frusciante's work in SA (he sounds like FIRE!), so the excitement ebbed a bit when I heard if the changeup.

On the other hand, the RHCP always, imo, release their worst songs as singles, so, again, cant really make an assessment until I have the whole album.

Anyone else stoked? I know they're either a love it or hate it kind of band, but Im of the former so my patience is being tested for a few more weeks.
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