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My Journey Into Linux

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:04 am
by atheistcatman
My Journey into Linux

Many of you that have been using various distros of Linux releases since the days everything on the mostly open-source platforms were mostly ran by being an expert in coding, ( Because the early releases ran mostly by entering code instead of click and go), may call me a newbie. Really been using the Linux alternative more regularly since around 2013. I first started with Ubuntu. Shortly after the major vulnerability last month, and having to start over, by reloading my Operating system, I decided to use this nightmare as an opportunity to try another distribution as my main OS. I been using lighter distros on my aging laptop, but on my main rig I went with Linux Mint. Linux Mint is not much different than Ubuntu, but updates, (when I quickly learned how to operate the basics of Mint), went way smoother, and my skills in the world of Linux have seen awesome gains in the past month, so to end this short article I would like to thank you Site Tech-Geeks for encouraging me to leave Windows for good.

“May the Epic Philosophy of Hitchens be with us all”

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