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Evidence for Christianity [SPLIT TOPIC].

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Evidence for Christianity [SPLIT TOPIC].
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prycejosh wrote:
i myself can say god exists.

I'm sure this is real for you, but you have to understand that was is real for you isn't necessarily real for everyone else. I can say myself that I don't believe god exists, does that mean I am as right as you?

it is all tru because i can say ive done things and things have happened.

Would you believe the testimony of a Muslim, because that's pretty much word for word what they would say.

when you get judged by jesus hel point all this out to you and you will agree instantly.

As an atheist, I can tell you it isn't a choice, I cannot force myself to believe and an all knowing creator would understand this.
Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:01 pm
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