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Jonah and the Whale!

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Jonah and the Whale!
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Post Re: Jonah and the Whale!

abelcainsbrother wrote:Jonah was a real story in which Jonah drowned and was then swallowed up by a big fish as he prayed to God as he was drowning and he actually went to hell but was brought back to life by God which is why Jesus referenced Jonah in the belly of the fish for 3 days.It was a to hell and back story in the bible and I bet if God allowed you to go to hell if you were brought back I bet you'd go to Ninevah like God told you to and like Jonah did. From reading the story of Jonah we actually get some glimpses of hell such as gates of hell that are mentioned in the bible.And like I said in Israel we have found Jonah's grave and have ancient coins depicting the story of Jonah.

Also there is a book out there called "To hell and back" that documents stories of people who have died went to hell and were brought back you can read and know that the story of Jonah was a to hell and back story too.


Oh, wait, you've said absolutely nothing new. Nope nothing. Just another dressed up turd with a cherry on top. It's still a bunch of shit, again.
"In the end theologians are jealous of science, for they are aware that it has greater authority than do their own ways of finding “truth”: dogma, authority, and revelation. Science does find truth, faith does not. " - Jerry Coyne
Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:30 am
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