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How probable is the existence of God?

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How probable is the existence of God?
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Post Re: How probable is the existence of God?

surreptitious57 wrote:The lack of evidence is not actually a problem as hypotheses can be constructed instead with regard to the existence / non existence of God. For
so long as they are compatible with existing knowledge then they are entirely valid propositions even if they are untestable. Unfortunately though
given the nature of the subject matter the odds are stacked in favour of those advocating existence because they can always claim belief without
having to justify it as it is an article of faith and nothing more. They also do not have to have any understanding of physics so can claim that God
exists outside of time and space without having to demonstrate it. And that he cannot be understood so is completely useless trying to attempt it
Unfortunately one cannot use logic to defeat emotion so providing logical arguments to disprove the emotional basis for belief in God is no good
if someone refuses to stop believing in him. Another problem is that he is defined as being metaphysical which means he transcends physicality
and as such is incapable of detection. This is the most obvious example of God Of The Gaps. And if I still believed in him I would use it to justify
such a belief. Of course if the factors pertaining to the probability of him existing or not existing could be tested the question would be academic
Unfortunately that cannot be which is why less rigorous methodologies have to be employed instead. Although it is probably unfair to imply that
logic is less rigorous than science since a sound syllogism is as absolute as any mathematical equation. And mathematics is the most rigorous
discipline as it is deductive by default. Meaning its conclusions are definitely true

That makes sense. Thanks for explaining.
"Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man." ~ Thomas Paine
Thu May 28, 2015 6:06 pm
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