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Re: Why ought I follow?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:53 am
by Sparhafoc
thenexttodie wrote:Anyway my main point still stands:

If God exists, then He would have a better ability to gather and correctly interpret data than you do. I think this would be a reason to follow him

All hail the Great Bean Counter in the Sky!

His ways are mystical, oh how he doth collect that data!

His ways are great, oh how he doth count things!

Surely, we lesser data gatherers are blessed at his presence and we should genuflect our lives to him in awe of his bean counting skills.

TNTD - your argument makes you appear to be on hardcore, prescription only drugs.

Re: Why ought I follow?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:01 am
by Sparhafoc
thenexttodie wrote:Anyway I am glad you admit that God would not gain you as a follower just by simply coming to your door and maybe doing a few miracles.

The divine miracle of data-gathering.

Now I see the all-father ringing my door bell and saying

"I noticed you've got mail."

Expectant look.

Dissatisfied with my less than mystified expression, the grand Creator of everything then says

"Your door also needs a coat of paint! Look, the paint's flaking here...."

Then YHWH looks once more at me hopefully before asking...

"Does this mean you'll worship me forever and devote your life to me?"

I shake my head with perplexed glances around to see if there's a hidden camera, or whether this nutbag is for real.

No? Aww come on! I showed you how awesome my data gathering skills are"

I reply "Errr...."

"Fine! Eternal torture for you then!"

I've seen some crackpot bullshit in my time but this is Fundies Say the Darndest Thing worthy. TNTD's god sounds more like the Norse ones than any modern capitulation of the Judaeo-Christian one.

Re: Why ought I follow?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:05 pm
by MarsCydonia
thenexttodie wrote:You win Mars ok. You are right. I am just trolling a thread you started based on a quote of mine which you totally took out of context. I will never be able to answer any of your questions because you are way too smart for me. You are the master of the internet.

Even if the "taken out of context" bit was true, it would be irrelevant to the point of the thread which is
"Why ought I follow?"

There's a lot of your type out there that simply assumes that god is deserving to be followed because "he knocked on your door and performed miracles!" or "God's good at interpreting data" but as you've so "competently" demonstrated, "good at interpreting data" won't make you follow scientists and you whined when I inferred that if Hitler was the "he" in ""he knocked on your door and performed miracles!" you would follow him.
So these two exemples are obviously not good reasons are they?

So, now, you're back to whining to dodge that you don't in fact appear to have an answer. So you could have skipped the dog and pony show you've put on for pages and simply admitted to that in your first comment.