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From Sanity to Insanity and Back

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:47 am
by atheistcatman
From Sanity to Insanity and Back

The Road to and from Psychological Torment

All I can say is wow, it has been a long nine years of fighting to find my sanity, (well really a lifelong struggle,) but you long term leaguers are more familiar with my struggle for almost the past decade. Many say I switch between being a zealot to hardcore Atheist, one leaguer put it, “ You change religions more than I change socks”, or something like that. For the past few years life is been getting better, way better inter net connection, more friends that use logic instead of superstition, and oh yes, finally distancing my self from religious fanatic past associations.
Been taking online courses, you know those free ones MIT or other great Universities let us view on youtube, or just by having to make an account on an open course website, ran by a joint affiliation of those top schools. Also I been following a guy on youtube learning the basics of pre-Algebra, (hey have to start somewere. As I distance my self from those influenced by mythical belief systems my mind is starting to clear, just taking this highway to higher truth one step at a time, as I would now say, “ May the Epic Philosophy of Hitchens be with you.

Atheist Cat Man

P.S Thanks for introducing me to Linux Distros, they run far smoother than Microsoft products, I now figure I am getting to know the Penguin better than Gates.....