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Can an atheist pray?

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Can an atheist pray?
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Devil's Advocate:
It is as much stimuli as it is culturally ingrained into us. No definitive answer either way. But I will always lend weight to stimuli over metaphysical entity.

The most likely reason for our reactive prayers is as a stress relief mechanism. Shit, it could be a genetic tie in with how long humans have been around.

I have it and I'm a sound man who lives a life without a creator, yet... If I'm not bargaining with some invisible entity I would be freaking out a lot more.
Some would insinuate that being drunk at 9 in the morning to be signs of serious issues.
Me? I'd insinuate it as signs of no plans and a refrigerator full of Whiskey and Guinness.
Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:43 pm
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