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Argument against free will?

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Argument against free will?
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tshred666Posts: 22Joined: Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:25 am Gender: Pinecone

Post Argument against free will?

Lately I've been contemplating the idea of free will being just an illusion, and I stumbled upon the idea that our thoughts and emotions (the two factors involved in decision making) are the product of our brains' neurology. I can't think of any way around it, much like how our digestive system automatically reacts to food and our immune system reacts automatically to viruses and bacteria, our nervous system automatically reacts to stimuli.
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Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:36 am
CommonEnlightenmentUser avatarPosts: 649Joined: Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:06 amLocation: Plato Crater Gender: Time Lord

Post Re: Argument against free will?

Is time just an illusion? Perhaps a very persistent one?
There is still light in the 'Earthly' darkness. Finding light in the darkness can be more satisfying than merely seeing the glaring light of our sun. It gives us a better understanding of light and a deeper understanding of our universe.
Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:48 am
AndiferousUser avatarPosts: 2727Joined: Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:00 amLocation: Laputa Gender: Time Lord

Post Re: Argument against free will?

I'm a really big fan of bumping old threads: http://www.leagueofreason.co.uk//viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3875 :)
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Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:42 am
Master_Ghost_KnightContributorUser avatar
Posts: 2752Joined: Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:57 pmLocation: Netherlands Gender: Male

Post Re: Argument against free will?

And there was a discution about it here:
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Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:59 am
mick1le2pickUser avatarPosts: 104Joined: Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:42 pm

Post Re: Argument against free will?

Yes that's how I rebut the free will defense, are brains are subjected to causality.

CommonEnlightenment wrote:Is time just an illusion? Perhaps a very persistent one?

No if we are working with the assumption that the universe is real then it can't be.
Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:05 pm
LallapalalableUser avatarPosts: 1205Joined: Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:35 pmLocation: That place between childhood and adulthood Gender: Male

Post Re: Argument against free will?

I think I even made a thread on this :P. I'm of the thought that no, actual free will is not real. Everything, down to which pillow I decided to sleep with last night, was determined by the properties and positions and arrangement of all subatomic particles nearly 15 billion years ago, via the argument I see you already know and agree with. However, this should not excuse people from their actions, as the atoms that compose their bodies and minds are still arranged as such to ensure that we intend or cannot control the actions we make, and those other piles of atoms have determined... wow, this is getting complicated. But I know what you mean, agree with you, and what you just enjoyed reading was my take on the matter.
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Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:12 am
Joshua141Posts: 1Joined: Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:45 pm Gender: Male

Post Re: Argument against free will?

If we are defining free will on the basis of information, and an understanding of that information to be knowledge about whatever we are making a decision on to be considered free will. Then it seems to me that free will is limited to understanding of the information on the subject that we are making a choice on. Although this does raise multiple other questions, i.e. what knowledge is and how do obtain it? and how do we know that we have all the information on the particular subject to make a choice, or if information is infinite or finite?
Tue Jul 15, 2014 5:14 pm
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