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**STICKY** How to Lock a Thread

Forum rules

Once an issue has been solved or a satisfactory conclusion has been achieved (by discussion or an administrator decision) threads will be locked to prevent them being bumped.

Do not expect that your suggestion will be implemented regardless of how good you think your idea it is. There are many factors as to why something may be dismissed. The thread will have been locked for good reason, and your thread should serve as a reminder to others that the suggestion has already been made and implemented or dismissed.
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**STICKY** How to Lock a Thread
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Post **STICKY** How to Lock a Thread

The moderators cannot patrol the forums 24/7. If you see a thread that you believe needs to be locked please contact one of us by clicking on the exclamation point on the bottom right corner of the offending post.

Remember the site rules. Do not spam a thread with messages exclaiming your desire for a thread to be locked or deleted. You are merely compounding the problem and making yourself look foolish.
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Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:18 pm
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